After raising three kids we’ve dealt with a lot of dentists over the years. Dr. Baltazar has got to be the best dentist our family has ever had. He’s a no nonsense type of dentist that will only recommend necessary services. You can tell he is always happy to see his patients . His patients are loyal to him as we have many friends that have been seeing him for years. Our family, and now our adult children continue to use him as their dentist because of his extensive knowledge, years of experience, and above all else his honesty.

Mayling O

Dr. Baltazar has been our family dentist for more than 20 years. In all that time, we have received only the absolute best quality care and treatment. His credentials, expertise and reputation are all impeccable.
Whether the treatment plan is simple or complex, he has always taken as much time as necessary to make sure we understand exactly what is to be done and why. We never feel like we're being rushed or being confused by complex technical jargon. One of my fears used to The Needle, but I am still continually amazed by his precise, gentle and deft administration of anesthesia. I actually sort of look forward to it!
His assistants and staff deserve praise, too. Both the front office staff and his technicians are always considerate, cheerful but also knowledgeable. Long-time office manager Cecilia has always been so helpful and friendly to us that we practically regard her as another family member.
Just as we came to Dr. Baltazar's practice by way of an enthusiastic recommendation from a trusted friend, we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for the best dentist in town.

Tim Scott and Linda Fetch

Dr. B.~ You have set a high bar of expectations for any dentist who treats me to attempt to reach. I cannot thank you enough for all of the outstanding care you have provided to me over these last few years. May the Lord bless you in the next 30 (or however many) years of your practice! With fond gratitude,

Margaret Lowing

You'll not find a more caring, personal dentist around! I've been going to him for over 10 years. My two young daughters even requested to go to him OVER their previous childhood dentist (who had video games and movies playing at all times) which says alot! Dr. Baltazar is a dentist you can trust with yourself and your family!


My son when he was 5 yrs had a gag reflex, and he got a fear for all those pediatric dentist that all they have to do is make money out of his mouth because he loves sweets. They said that they cannot do the job not unless he'll be sedated. They quoted for services like more than $6000 ($1000 for sedative to make him sleep.) So I did not want to go back to that pedia dentist anymore, till my cousin's wife told me about Dr. Baltazar. Wow! He was very good & knows how to talk to children and trust dentist. He did not let him sleep but he explained everything he was doing to my son. Also, he only recommended to the necessary services which I only paid